Pintaväri Eesti OÜ is one of the leading professional partners of body and paint shops, whose colourful team includes Kristo, Arko, Üllar, Kristjan, Holger and Merli. The company they have formed has as many (or a little more) outstanding shades as the colours in the Pintaväri colour range.

Üllar has been with the company for fourteen years. "Now I've been around so long I'm starting to get the picture," laughs the salesman. Arko and Kristjan are in their fourth year at Pintavär, the former as a sales representative and logistician, the latter as a sales technician. Kristo, who has also spent two years with Pintavär, is also a sales representative. Merli has been working here for a little over a year as an accountant-sales assistant, and Holger, a sales technician, is looking forward to his first year here.

Holger, the most recent recruit, says he has learned more in his short time here than he did at his previous job. He was well received here and settling in went smoothly. "We quickly got on the same page," says Holger, adding that he has felt the whole team is supportive from the start. Kristo also mentions that he feels at home in Pintavär, and thanks to that in the whole area - the tasks are clear. As a bonus, the man happily points out that all the "lands and weathers" promised at the job interview are actually here and expectations have been met in every way.

Üllar, Arko, Kristjan, Kristo, Meril and Holger all agree that the number one "land and weather" in Surface Colour is the collective. "Why choose others when you have the best team?" is the slogan of the group. One could list the team members as cohesive, helpful and well-meaning, although such a list on TV gets a laugh. However, it's absolutely true, it's just that a sense of humour is an integral companion at Surface Colour, making working days even more exciting.

Not that there's a shortage of excitement in Ink. That's certainly not to be expected. Working in an innovative field means learning something new every day, and self-development is encouraged in the company too. Knowledge is most often acquired in different life situations, but also in the work environment, alongside colleagues, and in training courses that the company offers. Kristjan says he sees opportunities for development at Pintavär and that's why he likes it here. The varied work forces you to step out of your comfort zone, and as is typical of a small company, there are different tasks to get your hands on.

What kind of team member do Pintaväri employees like to see? The humorous answer to this question is first of all "one meter eighty tall, preferably non-vegan, with brown eyes", so: the most important quality for a new employee is a sense of humour. "That's for sure, otherwise you can't do it," the people in the colours confirm. In fact, previous exposure is also expected, so a background in car bodywork and paintwork is essential - whether learned as a hobby or at school. As professionals in the paint industry, you need to be prepared to learn new tricks. Internal motivation is highly valued in the company, which makes work run more smoothly even at the busiest and most stressful times and makes working life easier for everyone. You will be expected to be a team player who is bold and talkative enough to build and maintain relationships with different types of customers and people. However, they should not forget that their ideas may not be the only ones, so they will be willing to listen to suggestions and ideas from their colleagues in order to deliver an even better customer experience and maintain positive relationships. Team members are aware that people are different, and that in order to provide customers with the right service and products, you need to be able to approach them in the right way. Fortunately, Surface Dye has experts in their field, so it's not a problem for them to guide the right people to the right solution via the right routes.

The Pintaväri team feels cared for and recognised. This is evidenced not only by a great team, but also by fun community events, remembering and celebrating anniversaries and, well, free coffee and biscuits. A stable and good salary is also highlighted as important. "How do you spell it then, motivational income," they say with a smile. Employees also value the fixed working hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., which allow them to get on with their own business in the evenings and at weekends. However, the modern phrase 'flexible working hours' also applies to Pintavär - the lunch break can still be moved around depending on whether or not there is a rush at lunchtime. Pintavär's employees are trusted and there is no need for strict supervision, as a loyal and hard-working team is happy to do its job. "When I come to work, I don't come here reluctantly," concludes Üllar.